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Rare Books and Collections


 Rare books and collections include a wide selection of 18th, 19th and 20th century color plate and illustrated books, such as North American Sylva, Genus Rosa, Sleeping Princess, American Scenery, Portrait Gallery of Automobiles, etc. 

Art Deco and Fashion Pochoir Prints


 Includes prints from Gazette Du Bon Ton, Journal Des Dames, Falbalas et Fanfreluches, Fetes Galantes and more. Artists include George Barbier, Andre Marty, Charles Martin, etc. 

Animal and Pet Prints


  Collectible prints includes Jardine Natural History, Horse Prints by S. Sidney, Vero Shaw's Illustrated Dog Prints, etc. 

Botanical and Natural History Prints


 A wide selection of collectible and decorative prints from P.J. Redoute, Edward Curtis,  James Audubon, etc.

Marine Prints


 We specialize in historical prints from Naval Achievements of Great Britain by James Jenkins completed in 1812 and Her Majesty's Navy by Charles  Low completed in 1890.

Victorian Fashion Prints


 We have a wide selection of decorative prints from La Mode Illustree and other fashion illustrations. 

Ancient Greek and Roman Prints


 Both ancient Greek vases and classic Greek and Roman sculpture prints are well represented for both collectors and decorators. 

Architectural and Scenery Prints


 Famous prints include architectural renderings  from the 18th century, Valentine's New York City engravings  along with other  prints of estates and and castles in Great Britain, Paris landmarks in 1860, and scenes of the American west. 

Historical Prints and Maps


  Includes both eminent people, events and maps. 

Sporting, Art and Music Prints


Choose from a  varied collection of antique prints for both sporting and performing arts. 

Mats & Frames


 We have a large selection of mats and frames. Save money! Prints come with optional custom mats or frames at discount prices.  

Collecting, Decorating and Enjoyment


Collecting rare books is a passionate hobby for many people. Other individuals collect antique prints, which can also be used for decorating homes and offices.  For more information contact us

Home and Office Decorating Hints

 Antique prints are suitable for any style home or office and with matting and frames can be used to decorate any room according to your own personal style. There is a wide variety of prints to choose, from botanical to architectural to marine and many other subjects.   For more information go to www.decoratinghints.com


Our antique print business offers a unique opportunity to own original and rare prints both for collecting and decorating. 

SAVE MONEY: We provide custom matting at no additional cost for each print and offer optional framing services for our antique print purchasers.  In addition, you can  chose from a selection of frames for each type of print.

We make it easy for customers to both collect and decorate with rare antique prints. Explore our website and we are sure you will find something you like at decorator prices.


Customer Protection

We offer a 30 day return privilege on all items. All rare books and antique prints come with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

We sell original and collectible antique prints and do not sell Gilcee or inexpensive reproduction prints. All prints are original and authentic prints of value. 



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